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Uttarakhand man provides ambulance facility in Devprayag amidst lockdown after 108 service halts

DEHRADUN: Ganesh Bhatt from Devprayag of Tehri district has rescued and helped total 22 people in five days including two pregnant women who needed medical attention amidst ongoing lockdown due to Covid-19 outbreak.

He has deployed his car to be used as ambulance for people of remote areas in need.

“I have been getting calls since the outbreak started it’s spread in rajiv amber and things were closing down. An idea to deploy my blue Nano (his car) sprung up. The car is small, fast and fuel efficient which makes it easier to help people,” says Bhatt who contested in the state assembly elections from Devprayag constituency in 2017 elections but ended as a runner up.

As the lockdown has effected the normal flow of life, in the country as well as in the state, good Samaritans have come forward to provide relief to people in any way they can. Bhatt is one of them.

The idea struck him after all three ambulances in Devprayag area were found to be defunct rendering the region without any medical assistance by the government side.

Replying to the queries of managing amidst curfew, he said, “People and officials from district administration and police recognize my car and those who do not, we convince them. After they themselves see the patient or a person in need to be transported, they cooperate and help.”

One can call him on his number and he reaches the spot to pick up the sick to nearby hospital or a higher center if needed.

With health services in the state engaged in dealing with COVID-19 Bhatt says he felt help could be provided to the people who need it.

He has displayed his mobile number on his front and rear side for people to see and note it down to be called up when help is needed.

The job has become 24×7 work for Bhatt and his couple of friends who are assisting him in ways.

“Last night, I got a call from two men who were walking from Dehradun to Tehri. Their feet was bleeding and they were not able to walk anymore. We rushed to the spot at National Highway-58 and brought them to a friend’s home,” says Bhatt.

His team gives preference to emergency medical issues where loss of life is imminent if help is not delivered in time.

“We mainly focus on pregnant women, serious injuries, hypertension, heart related issues and other chronic ailments which need immediate assistance,” added Bhatt.

The team carries the patients to nearby hospital or a higher medical center to district headquarters to be treated further.

Apart from helping people with transportation, the team also delivers essentials to those who are in need such as vegetables, medicines, sanitizers, milk for children and other items of daily use.