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Rajasthan’s coronavirus survivor gets war-winning soldier’s welcome in his village

JAIPUR: After staying in the isolation ward for 14 days, when Madho Singh Rajpurohit (45) came back to his hometown in Dhola village of Pali district in Rajasthan on Thursday he was greeted like a soldier returning home after winning a battle.

The number of positive patients of coronavirus is increasing in the state but the good news is that 21 people have successfully overcome the illness.

When the first positive patient from Pali reached his village Dhola, which is 40 kms from Pali, he was welcomed like a war hero. He was not a soldier at war but he has won a fight against an invisible enemy which has created havoc all over the world.

Madho Singh was admitted to Jodhpur’s MGH Hospital on 21 March and reached his native village Dhola in a private taxi on 2nd April.

Upon entering the village, his wife performed ‘Aarti’ and showered flowers on her husband. Nurses and other government personnel posted in Dhola village also applauded Rajpurohit’s courage by clapping.

Earlier when Rajpurohit, who returned from Dubai, was found positive, he was immediately admitted to the isolation ward of Pali and from there he was referred to Jodhpur. He was undergoing treatment there for the past several days.

Later reports found Rajpurohit to be negative and was sent home from the hospital after three consecutive tests came in negative.

“I did yoga regularly during my stay in the hospital. My self-confidence grew further with yoga, pranayama, other posture exercises.

“The only goal in my mind was to defeat Corona. When the first report finally came negative, I started believing firmly that I will get well soon,” Madho Singh said.

According to the district CMHO (Chief Medical and Health officer) Ram Pal Mirdha, initially, Madho was very scared and reluctant to be hospitalised.

After a local government doctor suspected him to be a corona patient at Rani town for a few days Rajpurohit even went missing and disappeared from the scene eventually.

When his blood report confirmed that he is corona Positive, the health dept took the support of local police to catch him and convinced him to get admitted.

A curfew was imposed by the district administration in the area and the exit of villagers was completely banned.

Till now, Madho was the only coronavirus positive patient in the Pali district and it is not only villagers of Dhola but the whole district administration which has heaved a huge sigh of relief.

However, Madho will remain in isolation at home for two more weeks.

The situation became tougher for his family while he was in the hospital as fake news of death became viral on social media and  Rajpurohit had to make a special video to convince people that he was alive and healthy

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