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Assam, Bihar, Manipur & Sikkim, 4 states where 80% women won’t complain about violence: Survey

New Delhi, Nov 29: The National Family Health Survey (NFHS)’s latest report has revealed that 70 per cent of women never complain about the violence against them in the country. Assam, Bihar, Manipur and Sikkim are in the top four positions in the list of women in the country who never sought help or told anyone about the violence experienced by them, the research said. According to NFHS-5, the proportion of such women was over 80 per cent in four states and one union territory – Assam (81.2 per cent), Bihar (81.8 per cent), Manipur (83.9 per cent), Sikkim (80.1 per cent), and Jammu and Kashmir (83.9 per cent).

It is followed by Tripura (76 per cent), Telangana (71 per cent), West Bengal (76.3 per cent), Maharashtra (76.4 per cent), Goa (75.7 per cent), Gujarat (70.6 per cent) and Andhra Pradesh (79.7 per cent) are the other states where women never sought help or opened up about the violence experienced by them. The survey findings indicate that less than 10 per cent of women sought help to escape from physical violence in eight states – Assam (6.6 per cent), Andhra Pradesh (7.7 per cent), Bihar (8.9 per cent), Goa (9.6 per cent), Himachal Pradesh (9.6 per cent), Jammu and Kashmir (7.1 per cent), Manipur (1.2 per cent), and Nagaland (4.8 per cent). The help for those victims came to form their own family, husband’s family, neighbour, police, lawyer and religious leader. Cuts, bruises, aches, eye injuries, broken bones, severe burns, broken teeth, sprains and dislocations were some of the types of spousal violence experienced by the women.