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National Database for Cooperative Societies to be Set Up for Conducive Environment, Policymaking

Minister of home affairs and cooperation Amit Shah has said the government will set up a central national database of cooperatives for creating conducive environment and consult states on this.

“The information on number of Co-operative Societies, their business activities, their location, their financial health, their contribution to Indian economy etc. are important ingredients for taking any policy initiative or creating any welfare scheme in cooperative sector. National database will provide one such step for creating conducive environment for fulfilling mandated allocation of business for newly created Ministry of Cooperation,” Shah said in a written reply in Parliament.

When asked if states and co-operatives will be consulted, the minister said, “Yes, consultation with states and other stakeholders is an integral part of any policymaking.”

The Ministry of Cooperation was formed earlier this year and Amit Shah was given its charge.

In another reply, Shah said there were 8.54 lakh Non-Credit and Credit Cooperative Societies in India, according to the Statistical Profile of National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI), 2018.

Shah also told Parliament that it is proposed to amend the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002 “to have an effective regulatory mechanism for the multi-state cooperative societies, to keep the legislation in tune with the changing economic policies, to make the management accountable to the members of the societies and to protect the interests of the depositors and the shareholders of the societies.”

He said the new ministry has been created with the mandate, realising the vision “from cooperation to prosperity”, strengthening of cooperative movement and deepening its reach up to the grassroots.

Shah said the ministry will also work for promotion of cooperative-based economic development model including the spirit of responsibility among its members to develop the country, creation of appropriate policy, legal and institutional framework.