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RSS worker’s murder; Kerala police arrest state rescue service employee

On Tuesday, a Kerala Fire and Rescue Services employee was arrested in Palakkad in connection with the murder of RSS worker Sreenivasan. Jishad, a Kongad fire station employee, has been named as the accused. In 2017, Jishad joined the Kerala Fire and Rescue Force.




Jishad was one of the people who wanted to avenge the murder of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) worker Subair, according to police. The police said that, a list was compiled, and Jishad was included on it. Investigation team said that, he collected and shared information about RSS workers.




Jishad was allegedly involved in the murder of another RSS worker, Sanjit, according to the police. Sanjit’s travel data were purportedly collected by Jishad. Jishad will also be questioned about the murder of Sanjit.