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‘Even Hitler won elections’ to ‘death of democracy’: Top 5 attacks by Rahul Gandhi on Modi government

On Friday morning, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi held a press conference at the party headquarters in Delhi amid the ongoing protests by the grand-old party in the national capital on issues of price rise and unemployment.

Speaking to the reporters, Gandhi slammed the BJP-led government for destroying democracy.

1. “What we are witnessing is the death of democracy. What India has built brick by brick starting almost a century ago, is being destroyed in front of your eyes.”

2. “The government is being run to protect interest of four to five people and this dictatorship is being run in interest of two to three big business people by two people. Anybody speaking against this govt is viciously attacked, put in jail; people’s issues are not being allowed to be raised. Democracy is now a memory in India.”

3. “My job is to resist the idea of the RSS and I am going to do it. The more I do it, the more I will be attacked, the harder I will be attacked. I am happy, attack me.”

4. “The macroeconomic fundamentals that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is talking about is something else. I don’t think she has any understanding of what is going on in the economy of India, zero understanding. She is there as a mouthpiece.”

5. “Why do they attack the Gandhi family? They do it because we fight for an ideology & there are crores of people like us. We fight for democracy, for communal harmony and we have been doing this for years. It’s not just me who did that, it has been happening for years.”

“Hitler had also won elections, he too used to win elections. How did he use to do it? He had control of all of Germany’s institutions…Give me the entire system, then I will show you how elections are won.”