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Residents pack up, security in place as scene set for demolition of supertech twin towers

The twin towers of Noida Supertech are scheduled to be demolished on August 28 at exactly 2:30 p.m. The illegal high-rise building will be demolished using modern engineering, advanced technology, and the laws of science. The historic project, called the ‘tower of corruption,’ which was once many people’s dream home, has 3,500 kg of explosives packed in.




To avoid any loss of property or human life as a result of shockwaves and the explosion’s aftermath, the police are taking all preventive measures, including sanitising routes and cordoning off the portions. There is now a special planning map in place.




Ganesh Saha, the Noida deputy commissioner of police (DCP), said, ‘All preventive measures are taken, including providing safe passage, cordoning off the impact area and standby emergency arrangements, for any untoward incident on August 28. We are prepared for the arrangement of diversion of roads. We are ready to tackle any emergency situation. There will be no traffic in the surrounding areas on D-Day.’




Preventive measures are being taken as India Today enters the Emerald Court society. Large containers and trenches around the twin towers have been constructed to stop the horizontal spread of debris, as well as a thick layer of green carpet covering the structures to avoid dust particles. The Resident Welfare Association (RWA) has also distributed dos and don’ts for residents.