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‘Education & liquor’ are Delhi’s twin towers of corruption: BJP slams AAP

New Delhi: The BJP launched a scathing attack on the AAP government on Tuesday over alleged corruption in the construction of classrooms in Delhi, claiming that the capital city’s ‘twin towers of corruption’ are ‘education and liquor’.

‘The twin towers of corruption in Delhi are the education and liquor scams. The people of Delhi want to know when Arvind Kejriwal will request the resignation of his ministers involved in the scams’, BJP spokesperson Shahzad Poonawalla said here.

“It’s been 38 days and Arvind Kejriwal has still not answered our 15 questions about the liquor scam,’ he said, accusing him of diverting the issue of corruption. The AAP keeps ‘deflecting and evading questions.’

Manoj Tiwari, a BJP MP, also claimed that the AAP government’s construction of classrooms in Delhi is a clear case of corruption, and that the poor condition of many schools is proof. Tiwari also chastised the Delhi government for an incident in which a student at a Delhi government school was injured when the ceiling fan in her classroom fell on her.