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Muslim American couple marries in Hindu ceremony in UP temple 18 years after their nikah

A Muslim American couple on a tour of India got married on Saturday in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, in line with Hindu traditions. Nine children and a previous nikah were conducted by the couple 18 years ago.


The Trilochan Mahadev temple in Jaunpur served as the venue for the wedding. During a visit to India, American-origin Muslim couple Kiyamah Din Khalifa and Kesha Khalifa chose to get married in the Hindu tradition after falling in love with the country’s culture and traditions.


The couple decided to get married in accordance with Hindu traditions after becoming attracted by Hindu culture while visiting Varanasi’s Ghats, temples, and other places of worship.


The couple is in their 40s and they are already married in accordance with Muslim traditions, said the temple’s priest Ravi Shankar Giri. According to the groom, Kiyamah Din Khalifa, he is the father of nine kids. Kesha Khalifa said that, her grandfather is an Indian-born Hindu.


The couple’s companion, Pandit Govind Shastri, claimed that all the wedding ceremonies had been performed in accordance with Hindu traditions.