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LKG Student Beaten Brutally By Principal For 2 Days…

Ludhiana: A horrific video has been doing rounds on social media where an LKG student can be seen beaten brutally by his school principal.  The incident took place at a private school located in the Muslim colony of Ludhiana, Punjab. The viral video, apparently recorded by one of the school students, showed that the kid was subjected to third-degree torture. The family of the kid alleged that the principal and staff of the school tortured the kid for 2 days.

What Did The Video Show?

In the video, 2 students can be seen holding the LKG kid, while the principal thrashed him mercilessly with sticks. The child kept screaming for help, but no one came.

What Did The Principal Say?

Defending his actions, the principal of the school accused the LKG student of hitting his classmate with a pencil.

Family Members To File Complaint

The family members claimed that the kid was unable to walk as his feet were swollen and red, owing to the third-degree torture. Moreover, the kid has bruises of batons on his thighs and back. The family members are contemplating filing a complaint against the principal and school authorities.

Recently a similar video floated on social media where a child was being beaten mercilessly for hours by all of his classmates in Muzaffarnagar. The principal, Tripta Tyagi had ordered all the students to slap him for his incomplete work. Her statement on the minority community was criticized and condemned by the netizens.