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‘Please Take Us Out Quickly’, Stranded Workers In Silkyara Tunnel Cry For Urgent Rescue

Uttarkashi: The 41 workers trapped deep within the confines of Uttarkashi’s Silkyara tunnel has escalated into a desperate situation, as each passing day brings forth more challenges and anguish. Amidst the daunting conditions, poignant conversations through narrow pipes with officials have captured the desperation and hope of those stranded, echoing their urgent plea for a swift rescue.

Arun Kumar, a representative of the Uttar Pradesh government, visited the site on Monday to interact with the trapped workers, including eight from Uttar Pradesh. The emotional exchange revealed the harrowing circumstances faced by these individuals and their families’ anxious wait for their safe return.

In a bid to motivate the trapped workers, Kumar offered words of encouragement, saying, “Don’t worry and stay strong — the entire country is praying for all of you. The rescue operations will be soon successful, and we will go back home together.” However, the underlying desperation and sense of urgency in the workers’ voices were palpable.

Akhilesh Kumar, one of the stranded workers from UP, expressed their deteriorating situation, stating, “We are getting food, but all of us are in bad condition. What is the progress of the rescue work? Please take us out quickly. It is getting harder and harder with each passing day.” The plea for swift action highlighted the deteriorating conditions and the pressing need for immediate evacuation.

Ram Sundar, another trapped worker, urged officials to convey a message to their families, saying, “Tell our families not to worry and take care of themselves.” These emotional messages were also shared with the families through audio recordings, aiming to provide reassurance amidst the agony of uncertainty.

Efforts by various state governments to coordinate with rescue agencies, the trapped workers, and their families have been underway. Representatives like Mishra have been actively involved in assessing the situation and maintaining communication channels during the ongoing rescue operations.

As the rescue missions persist, the urgency and emotional turmoil faced by the trapped workers continue to be a matter of concern. The unwavering determination of the officials and the collaborative efforts of rescue agencies from different states underscore the unified goal of ensuring the safe return of these stranded workers from the depths of the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi.