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President Draupadi Murmu Launches Three New Rail Services; Check Train Details

Badampahar, Odisha: President Draupadi Murmu is all set to initiate the commencement of three new railway services and mark the commencement of the redevelopment of the Badampahad railway station today. A ceremonial event will be held where a newly adorned train will be showcased at the station. During this period, comprehensive security measures have been put in place to ensure the President’s safety.

The three trains scheduled for the inauguration are the Shalimar-Badampahar Weekly Express, Badampahad-Rourkela Weekly Express, and Tatanagar-Badampahad MEMU train. Each train serves distinct routes and aims to bridge connectivity gaps in the region.

Shalimar-Badampahar Weekly Express

The Shalimar-Badampahar Weekly Express is poised to embark on its journey from Shalimar every Saturday at 23:05 hrs, reaching Badampahar at 05:40 hrs the following day. Conversely, the Badampahar-Shalimar Weekly Express will depart from Badampahar every Sunday at 22:00 hrs, reaching Shalimar at 05:30 hrs the next day. This service will include stops at various stations en route, facilitating travel between Shalimar/Kolkata in West Bengal and Badampahar in Odisha. Notably, it’s the first overnight express train service from the Badampahar/Rairangpur area.

Badampahad-Rourkela Weekly Express

The Badampahad-Rourkela Weekly Express will depart Badampahar every Sunday at 06:30 hrs, reaching Rourkela at 11:45 hrs on the same day. On the return journey, the Rourkela-Badampahar Weekly Express will depart Rourkela every Sunday at 14:20 hrs, arriving at Badampahar at 19:25 hrs the same day. This service will connect the mineral-rich areas of Badampahar with Rourkela, significantly impacting business, industry, and educational accessibility for students in the region.

Tatanagar-Badampahad MEMU

The Tatanagar-Badampahad MEMU service is scheduled to leave Tatanagar at 09:55 hrs, arriving at Badampahar at 12:15 hrs. Conversely, the Badampahar-Tatanagar MEMU will depart from Badampahar at 12:45 hrs and reach Tatanagar at 15:20 hrs. Operating six days a week, this service aims to connect the mineral-rich areas of Badampahar in Odisha with Tatanagar, a crucial industrial hub in Jharkhand. The service is anticipated to benefit local businesses, traders, workers, and students in the area.