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Bengal Officer Foils ₹4 Crore Heist By Seven Robbers

On Sunday, in Raniganj, West Bengal, seven individuals attempted to rob a jewelry shop worth ₹4 crore but were stopped by a courageous police officer. CCTV footage captured Sub-Inspector Meghnad Mondal exchanging gunfire with the robbers from behind an electric pole. West Bengal police, narrating the dramatic incident on X, revealed that at least 20 rounds were fired before the robbers fled, leaving behind half of their loot. One suspect has been arrested, while the search for the others continues.

Coincidentally, Mr. Mondal, the officer-in-charge of a nearby police outpost, was in the neighborhood for personal reasons. Dressed in plain clothes and armed with his service revolver, he observed frantic activity near the jewelry shop, sensing trouble.

Taking position behind an adjacent electric pole, Mr. Mondal prepared his revolver. When one of the robbers, stationed as a lookout outside the shop, spotted him and signaled the others, gunfire erupted. Despite enduring a 30-second barrage of bullets, Mr. Mondal returned fire, causing one robber to collapse with injuries. The remaining robbers joined the exchange of gunfire.

Undeterred, Mr. Mondal continued to return fire, prompting the criminals to flee. Assisting their wounded accomplice onto a motorcycle, they escaped with jewelry valued at ₹1.8 crore, abandoning one of their motorcycles, ornaments worth ₹2.5 crore, two backpacks, and 42 rounds of ammunition.

Despite his heroism, Mr. Mondal remains humble. His service revolver depleted and his bike bearing a bullet hole, he has garnered overnight fame in the small city, courtesy of media reports. Yet, when questioned about the incident, he simply smiles and says, “I merely fulfilled my duty.”