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New Baba In Kanpur Claims To Cure Cancer In Rs. 20

Kanpur: In Kanpur’s rural areas, another Baba exploits faith under the guise of healing, charging Rs. 20 per session and claiming he can expel female ghosts using water from a bottle. This Baba, known as Sri Sri 1008 Hariom Maharaj, boldly declares during public appearances that ghosts from America and abroad are driven away. He leads the Shaktipeeth monastery in Chain Ka Purwa village, Devrahat Thana (Kanpur).

Recently, numerous viral videos from the Baba’s congregation have emerged, signaling the start of his deceptive practices.

In one video, a woman appears possessed, dramatically swaying her hair, convincing spectators of her supernatural condition. She is then escorted to the Baba’s platform, attracting a gathering and perpetuating the culture of deception seen among similar figures.

Baba Hari Om asserts that water at his location can cure diseases like cancer and diabetes, falsely transforming it into nectar with mantras and air blowing. He sells this so-called ‘AmritPaani ‘ for 20 rupees, preying on unsuspecting individuals. Numerous images depict distress among women and men at Baba Hari Om’s government ashram. His followers are casting their nets far and wide.

When approached by the media, Baba Hari Om declined to speak, citing lack of divine permission. Attendees of Baba’s gatherings are also reticent, but the influx of villagers indicates strong belief in his teachings. Disciples are ever-present around his podium.

This phenomenon is reminiscent of the tragic events in Uttar Pradesh‘s Hathras where hundreds succumbed to blind faith in Surajpal, aka Bhole Baba, a former soldier turned spiritual leader. Despite such tragedies, people remain ensnared by these Babas’ false miracles.