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Master Sahab Confronts Ghost Fears In School

In the web series ‘Panchayat’, a scene featuring the headman sleeping under a haunted tree to install a solar light inspires Master Sahab to tackle a ghost myth in a Telangana school. He sleeps in the alleged haunted classroom, dispelling students’ fears and proving ghosts don’t exist. This incident occurred at Anandpur Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School in Adilabad district last week.

Ravindar first attempted to explain to them through discussions and his reasoning that there is nothing like a ghost. The students did not believe him. They were saying that when there was no one in the classroom, a different kind of voice could be heard. They argued that only a ghost makes such noises. After this, the students said that you should stay alone in the room on July 5, the day of Amavasya.

Afterwards, a secret deal was made between Ravindar (the teacher) and the students. Neither the people outside nor the ‘ghost’ inside were informed about it. As per the deal, Ravindar took a bedsheet and a torch and arrived at the school that same night. At 8 PM, he entered Class 5, and the students saw him leaving.

The night passed, and the next morning, the children were standing outside Class 5 at 6 AM. The door was open. Ravindar was alive and standing straight. Ravindar said that when the children saw me safe and sound in the morning, they accepted that ghosts do not exist. There are 87 students in the school, and last year, some children had moved to private schools because they were afraid that there was a ghost in the school building.