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Bhole Baba Surrounded By Girls With Special Dress Code

After the Hathras incident, talks about Surajpal, also known as Bhole Baba or Narayan Sakar Hari, have intensified nationwide. New revelations about Baba are emerging daily. Women who attended Surajpal’s satsang have made shocking claims. They said Surajpal, alias Bhole Baba, was always surrounded by young girls. During the satsang, the organizing committee gave these girls special red dresses.

The girls would wear the special red dresses to the satsang and dance in ecstasy. The women said that Surajpal would show them the form of God through his glasses, which he only wore during the satsang. Additionally, the women who attended the satsang made several other revelations, but they were hesitant to talk about them even in private.

A woman who attended Surajpal’s satsang said that the unmarried girls around Surajpal treated him as their husband and lived with him accordingly. They respected him deeply and would do anything he asked. The woman also mentioned that the girls saw the form of God in Surajpal’s glasses, which he only wore during the satsang.

A woman who attended the satsang said that Surajpal viewed all the well-dressed women as looking the same and would smile at them during the satsang. The women who were initiated always stayed close to Surajpal, and during this time, he would wear his glasses.

Surajpal’s followers said there were different categories of women in Baba’s ashram and institute. Only unmarried girls could become Surajpal’s disciples after receiving special initiation from him. Married women, who saw Bhole Baba in Surajpal, stayed away from him as he didn’t allow them to come near him.

A woman who attended Surajpal’s satsang said that Baba liked the color red. Unmarried girls wore red outfits, jewelry, and makeup, and danced around Baba during the satsang. The satsang committee provided these special dresses. After dancing, the girls would change out of their outfits. All this happened during the satsang.

People living near the ashram said that the girls handled all of Baba’s tasks. They prepared special neem water with rose petals and scent for Baba’s bath. The girls also fed Baba and stayed around him constantly.