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Father Kills Twin Daughters; Police Apprehend Suspect

Everyone in Delhi is in disbelief following a startling incident. A father in Puthkalan village killed his twin daughters because he wanted a son, which was a horrific deed. On the evening of June 4, he interred their dead close to his home. After eluding detection for some time, the offender, 32-year-old Neeraj Solanki, was ultimately caught by Delhi Crime Branch in Sampla, Rohtak district, Haryana. On June 21, the Sultanpuri police station filed a complaint against him. Since then, police have been looking for him, and today they were able to apprehend him. The accused has been running from the law since the case was registered. He always changed his whereabouts before the police raided.

The offender moved between Delhi and Haryana several times in order to avoid being apprehended. After his whereabouts were eventually discovered, the police were able to quickly capture the terrifying person. The suspect has formal education; he holds a degree from Delhi University. He did not engage in any economic pursuits and subsisted on his rental income. According to Amit Goyal, DCP of Delhi Crime Branch, they were called on June 3 to report that their uncle had killed his twin nieces, who were three days old. The suspect buried the infants in a cremation yard after killing them.

The girls’ bodies were found by the police with the SDM present. But there were no hints pointing to the culprit. Following the girls’ bodies’ post-mortem, their maternal uncle received them. The suspect wed a local of Rohtak’s Ismila village. In response to her complaint, the police opened a case, which they then forwarded to the Crime Branch. To apprehend him, the police conducted many raids. However, Neeraj Solanki got away each time. He was relentlessly chased by the team under the direction of ACP Umesh Barthwal, which included Inspector Yogesh and Vinod Yadav. Refusing to be arrested, the suspect switched his SIM card and phone several times. He eventually found himself in the police’s hands.