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Law Ministry to impart training to officers

NEW DELHI:  Ministry of Law and Justice through its legislative wing is imparting training so that laws drafted in India would have fewer lacunas as compared to legislations drafted in other countries. The ministry has started various courses for law officers in the country so that the communication gap can be filled up between the legislative department and the administrative ministries and departments and better proposals and drafts can be made of laws and Acts as and when required by a department or ministry.

The training is set to be a mix of both practical as well as theoretical. Institute of Legislative Drafting and Research (ILDR), a wing of the legislative department will be imparting this training to officers from February 14 to 28.This course aims to conceptualise, formulate and initiate proposals for legislation as well as to prepare drafts of statutory rules, orders in respect of the acts administered by ministries and departments.

“Legislative drafting has its challenges and expertise is required for drafting precise and clear legislations which is possible only when a person chose it as a profession in legislative drafting,” a law ministry official said.

The Ministry is also working on training existing resource persons up to middle-level legislative counsels and also plans on conducting their orientation so that they can develop the aptitude and skill required for legislative drafting.

To promote a career in the drafting of the law, the ministry is undertaking three months basic course for middle-level officers belonging to state governments and administrations. Appreciation course of two weeks duration for the middle-level officers and voluntary internship programme for law students is also being undertaken so that ample opportunity is given to students pursuing legal education to better understand the drafting of laws and in-house training for the benefit of officers of this department.