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Ex-babus, judges come out in support of Centre on CAA

NEW DELHI: Amid the ongoing anti-CAA protests, a delegation of over 150 former judges, civil servants, armed forces officers, diplomats and intellectuals on Friday made a representation to President Ram Nath Kovind claiming that fear-mongering is apparently motivated with a sinister design to harm
the nation.

Former Sikkim High Court Chief Justice Permod Kohli, who led the delegation to the President, said the members were concerned by the fact that one section of the people were increasingly getting intolerant and violent in their protests.

“We have served the nation in the best & highest places and are well informed and educated to know what is right and good and what is wrong or bad for the nation,” he added.

The delegation termed the CAA and the NRC as important and long-pending steps for ensuring the safety, security and growth of the country.

“The actions of the government seem to have created a sense of unease and insecurity in the minds of some people. These self-serving elements, in conjunction with a section of civil society, have embarked upon a malicious campaign of disinformation to mislead the innocent Indian public, especially the youth and a section of minorities, with a false and nefarious narrative.”

The delegation also said that over the last six years, repeated attacks have been made on Constitutional institutions and well-established institutions.