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10 killed in Maharashtra road accident

JALGAON: 10 persons were killed and another six injured, including three seriously, in an accident involving an SUV and a dumper truck on the busy Ankleshwar-Burhanpur Highway, early on Monday, an official said.

“The victims, mostly belonging to one family, were proceeding to their home in Muktainagar and surroundings after attending a social function in Chopda around 100 km away. However, shortly after midnight the SUV met with the accident on the highway,” Faizpur Police Station official Mahendra S. Mahajan told IANS.

They have been identified as: Mangala D. Choudhary, 65, Prabhakar N. Choudhary, 60, Prabha B. Choudhary, 40, Ashlesha U. Choudhary, 28, Sonali J. Choudhary, 34, Riya J. Choudhary, 22, Priyanka N. Choudhary, 29, Sonali S. Mahajan, 34, Suman S. Patil, 55, Sangita M. Patil, 40.

The other injured relatives include: Shivam P. Choudhary, 30, Meena P. Choudhary 31, Sarvesh N. Choudhary, 09, Aditi M. Patil, 30, and Sunita R. Patil, 40. They have been rushed to hospitals in Yeola and nearby towns.

The vehicle drivers have been identified as Dhanraj G. Kohli (SUV driver who is injured) and the dumper truck driver Mukund G. Bhangale, and further investigations into the causes of the accident are underway, said Mahajan.