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Environmentalist express concerns over plastic infestation in Corbett

DEHRADUN: After a picture inside Corbett Tiger Reserve of two tigers playing with plastic waste, probably a bucket has gone viral, environmentalists have expressed concerns.

An inquiry has been ordered into the matter by the state forest department.

Harak Singh Rawat, state forest minister said, “The matter is being investigated and those responsible will be held accountable.”

The environmentalists added that the picture is an epitome of infestation of plastic waste in ecology and environment.

AG Ansari, Ramnagar based conservationist said, “The picture itself is a tragedy and speaks a volume about what we have done to our environment. We need take matter into our hands an aware populace and discard plastic use.”

A report released by Uttarakhand Environment Protection & Pollution Control Board (UEPPCB) in the year 2018 stated that in 2016-17, 272.22 tonnes per day plastic waste was generated out of the total waste generated which will reach upto 457.63 tonnes till 2041.

Anup Sah, a Padam Shri awardee environmentalist said, “Plastic is banned in the CTR. The administration must take note if this seriously. This is a threat to our ecology.”

The river Ramganga which originates in Uttarakhand flows through the CTR is considered as lifeline of the reserve.