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Residents help Men in Khaki spread awareness

BENGALURU: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a 21-day lock down in the country, the mantle of effectively implementing the diktat here fell on Bangalore City Police (BCP). The thrust was on ennsuring that call- ‘stay home, stay healthy’ is followed by all. Readily willing to share the burden of men in khaki, a section of residents of Bhartinagar came forward to voluntarily educate people asking them to restrict themselves to their houses.

Beginning Tuesday, a team of 10 is volunteering on OPH road, Seppings road, Coles Park signal, near St John’s Church spreading the message loud and clear. Their job starts at 10 am and ends at 8 pm. It all started with the concerned residents first approaching the Bhartinagar police and asking them if they could help them in the task. The police who agreed gave given them police jackets, so that the people listen to their instructions.

When TNIE did a reality check at coles park signal, the volunteers were seen in masks and police jackets. They were stopping the cars and motorists asking them why were they on roads with the restrictions in place? Those who were showing passes, were asked to go and those who did not, were asked not to step out and were told that the lockdown is for their own safety.

Bhaskar Don, a volunteer from Bharatinagar said, “Even after the lockdown orders, many people were still seen moving on the roads, riding mobikes or driving cars. Me and my friends noticed that the police kept on telling them not to hit the road, but in vains. Eventually, we decided to team up and help them to create awareness among the public. And we being the localites, people might even listen to us.”

Another volunteer, S Rajan said, “if we find anybody roaming without any justifying reasons, we inform the police, who seize their vehicles later. Some of them to avoid the law, even come out with beseeching reasons, like emergency, which are fake. Even if the roads are barricaded, they still dodge them and we request them not to do so” “The boys are helping us out and are making sure that people do not come out. If more such people volunteer, it is good for us as well”, said a policeman attached to Bharatinagar station.

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