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Patna’s yoga teacher observed PM’s diya call by meditating with seven diyas on his body

PATNA: A 45- year-old yoga expert Mahendra Priyadarshi expressed his solidarity in fight against the Covid-19 with a difference on Sunday night.

He performed the “Deep-Sadhana” in which he went into a deep meditation with members of his family standing at distance with dias (burning traditional lights) in hands.

Seven burning diyas were placed on his body, six on his both hands and one on the top of his head. He maintained stillness in meditation with breath control yogic practices.

“Deep-sadhana is a sadhna in which internal concentration and communication with the supreme energy is maintained and spread across the humanity without being disturbed even a bit”,he said.

Throughout this posture of yoga,the practitioner recites vedic mantra of God without involving lips that is called ‘manas’jap .

“It goes on for longer period depending upon the enduring and practicing capacity of performer.It kills bacteria and virus transmitted through air and contacts within the performer.It conditioned the performer through balancing the biological and chemical reactions in the body”,he said.

Dr Mahendra Priyadarshi is one of the renowned and rigorous yoga instructors of Bihar.He runs a publication and goes on instructing yoga exercises to the people for free as a patanjali yoga instructor.

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