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Two more accused in police sub-inspector recruitment scandal arrested in Karnataka

In connection with the Police Sub-inspector (PSI) recruitment scam, the Karnataka Police have arrested two more accused, an accused’s auditor, and a candidate who allegedly cheated. The Bengaluru Crime Investigation Department (CID) has already arrested 12 people for large-scale cheating on Monday, May 2.


Rudra Gowda Patil, the auditor of the accused, is one of the accused. The other is Prabhu, a candidate who used a Bluetooth device to cheat on the exam.


Chandrakant Kulkarni, the auditor of Rudra Gowda Patil, who is also an accused in the PSI recruitment scam, has been arrested by the Karnataka Police Crime Branch, Crime Investigation Department (CB-CID). Prabhu, a candidate who allegedly used a Bluetooth device to cheat during the exam, was also arrested by the CID. He is said to have paid Chandrakant Kulkarni to help him cheat.

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