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Restricted supply hits fuel stations in Telangana

HYDERABAD: Restricted fuel supplies by oil companies are resulting in some petrol pumps going dry in the state. This situation is expected to continue for some more weeks. Before restricted supplies began a couple of weeks ago, petrol pumps in Telangana were receiving on an average 30 lakh litres of petrol a day, and 130 lakh litres of diesel.

There have been instances of partial dry-offs in some places in the state, said Rajiv Amaram from the consortium of Indian petroleum dealers. While Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has been more or less keeping up its supplies, there have been restrictions on supplies from BPCL and HPCL.


While HPCL has introduced rationing of its supplies, BPCL is now seeking advance payments for two days of supplies, resulting in some difficulties for bunk owners. Oil companies that previously used to provide various forms of credit, including revolving payments, have stopped doing so, which is adding to the woes of bunk owners.

One of the reasons for the rationing and restricted supply is said to be that the focus of oil companies has shifted to exports, which is more profitable, it is learnt.

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