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Srisailam continues to have heavy inflows; seven gates lifted

ANANTAPUR: The Srisailam dam continued to have heavy inflows from downstream projects of the Krishna basin and seven gates were lifted to 10ft height to release water downstream of the river. The dam’s level was maintained at 211.48tmc-ft with 97.99 per cent storage.

On Sunday, the dam received 2.90 lakh cusecs by way of inflows and the authorities were discharging 2.67 lakh cusecs as outflows into the river along with using the water for hydro power generation from the left and right bank canals of the reservoir.

The irrigation authorities said the dam’s water level has been maintained almost at full gross storage capacity due to constant heavy floods from upstream Almatti and Tungabhadra reservoirs in Karnataka.

As a result, downstream project Nagarjuna Sagar has been receiving heavy inflows of 2.90 lakh cusecs and outflows of 2.94 lakh cusecs from the reservoir. Nagarjuna Sagar level was maintained with 307.56tmc-ft of water while discharging the additional flow into the dam.

The upstream project Almatti, a major source from Krishna basin in Karnataka towards the Srisailam reservoir and other connecting reservoirs in AP witnessed heavy floods. Though Almatti reservoir received less inflows a week ago, incessant rains in upstream parts led to heavy flows. As a result, the dam recorded 1.27 lakh cusecs of inflows and 1.20 lakh outflows towards downstream projects of AP.

Almatti dam maintained a storage level of 121.75tmc-ft on Sunday. Similarly, the Tungabhadra dam, another main source of Srisailam, has also experienced heavy floods. The dam was with full gross storage capacity for the past one month, discharging the inflows it was receiving.

About 47074 cusecs of outflows was released into the Tungabhadra river. The low-lying areas under the projects and the riverbeds of Tungabhadra and Krishna were sounded an alert following increased inflows from the upstream parts.