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Delhi-Noida Traffic Jam To Ease, Work On Chilla Elevated Road To Begin Soon

Great news for the citizens of Noida, Delhi and Greater Noida. The problem of jam from Chilla Regulator to Mahamaya flyover in Noida will now be solved. All vehicles will gallop from Delhi directly to Jewar Airport. It is estimated that five lakh people from Noida, Delhi and Greater Noida will travel on this route every day.

6-kilometer-long elevated road

Let us tell you that drivers travelling from Delhi’s Mayur Vihar to Greater Noida via Noida have to get stuck in traffic jams for hours. To get rid of this jam, a 5.96 km long elevated road will be built from Chilla Regulator, the entrance of Noida city, to Mahamaya flyover of Noida. The work of constructing this road has been handed over to UP Stead Bridge Corporation.

UP State Bridge Corporation has issued a tender to build this road. In the tender, the time limit for building the road has been fixed within 3 years and the company making the road will also have to maintain this elevated road for 5 years. The construction work of the road will be done under the supervision of Noida Authority. Noida Authority officials say that in the year 2026, drivers will be able to gallop from Delhi to Jewar Airport without stopping. Everyone knows that Noida-Greater Noida Expressway is built ahead of Mahamaya flyover.

Traffic menace from Sector-14A of Noida till Mahamaya Flyover was a huge problem for the commuters. Every day thousands of vehicles used to remain stuck in this jam in the Noida city. However, the construction of the new elevated road might bring some relief for the commuters commuting from Noida to Jewar Airport.

Road Will Be Built Over Shahdara Drain

Reportedly the elevated road will be built from Chilla Regulator to Mahamaya Flyover in Noida over the Shahdara Drain. Alongside, ramps will also be built to connect Sector-14A of Noida. On this road, access road will be provided through ramp to Sector-14, Sector-15, Sector-16 and Sector-18 of Noida.