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‘I know my job’: FM Sitharaman on skipping PM’s meet with economists

CHENNAI: In response to criticism for not attending a meeting steered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on reviving economy, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that they got the facts wrong. As there was another appointment that was finalised a month prior to the pre-budget meet on January 9 at Niti Aayog, she could not take part.

“After getting Prime Minister’s approval, I took part in the other event. But without knowing facts, some people are passing comments,” she said, adding I know my job and work on the union budget was on.

On comments that she was announcing ‘budget every Friday,’ which was a reference to booster measures for various sectors, the Union Minister said such remarks were light-hearted and came as a relief to her. “It is good entertainment,” she said.

Sitharaman also dubbed the proposal of some states to not implement the Citizenship Amendment Act as ‘unconstitutional’ and said it was the responsibility of all states to ensure that the law passed in Parliament is executed.

“A state assembly has passed a resolution against CAA. It is like making a political statement. We can understand that. But saying they will not implement it, then it is against the law. It is unconstitutional to say that”, she said.