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RJD engages in poster war against Nitish Kumar, Sushil Kumar Modi, calls them ‘trouble engines’

PATNA: The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) put up a new poster outside its party headquarters on Thursday attacking at Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and his Deputy Sushil Kumar Modi.

The poster depicted both these leaders of NDA  as ‘trouble-engines’ with Nitish Kumar termed as  an engine of ‘Loot express’ while Sushil Kumar Modi as an engine of ‘Jhut-express’.

The poster read, “Bihar ko barbad karne wala trouble engine” (The trouble engine that is ruining Bihar).

The poster war between JD (U) and the RJD has been continuing since September 2019 when the former had put up a poster attacking the latter.

In fact, such posters were across Patna attacking leaders of both parties even during the time flash floods hit the city, and in one of them, which was put up anonymously, CM Nitish Kumar was declared missing and mocked at for maintaining silence over CAA.

Rajiv Ranjan Prasad, JD (U) spokesperson, reacting against the recent RJD poster said that it narrates how hollowness has gripped Tejashawi Yadav and compelled him to mock the CM, whose experiences and status in politics was higher than Yadav.

“It shows the downfall going of RJD also as it has become issue-wise bankrupts and reaction-wise stumped. He should introspect into the annals of failure of his party in its rule of 15 years,” he said.