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Coronavirus: FFF delays call on leagues until after containment measures

Paris, April 4: The French Football Federation (FFF) will delay any decision over the outcome of its leagues until containment measures in the country have been lifted. With the coronavirus pandemic having put sport on lockdown across the globe, football in France is on an indefinite hiatus. powered by Rubicon Project The FFF ruled out voiding the campaign, insisting that a season without promotion or relegation would defy “sporting logic”.

In a statement released on Friday, the FFF identified several criteria that would factor into its decision over how and when to conclude the 2019-20 season. “A resumption of competitions would not mean playing all the days that remain to be played to go to the end of the championships,” it read. “It is out of the question to impose an unrealistic pace of recovery, depending on the level of the championships, to make them go to completion. “Partial completion of the season will be considered. “The end date of the championships will logically depend on the level of competition.” The FFF confirmed that regional competitions must end by June 30, and added that the €86million budget allocated to amateur football will be maintained.

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