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There Was Always a Lot of Negativities Around’: Ravi Shastri on People Who Wanted His Team to ‘Fail’

Ravi Shastri’s tenure as India head coach may have ended last month but the legacy he left behind is unforgettable. Under his guidance, the Indian team not only reached unnavigated milestones but also stamped their authority as one of the cricketing giants.

He went through several ups and downs during his association with Virat Kohli-led Team India. There were times when the unit was completely written off by the pundits of the game. However, all the criticism never affected Shastri’s mindset and his way of backing his players.

 The former head coach revealed that there were people around him who wanted the Indian team to fail. But the more ‘such people’ got jealous, the better Shastri’s team performed.

“There was always a lot of negativities around but luckily, I had no time for all of that. But those who know me well will know what a thick-skinned guy I am for such things to affect me.

“The more I saw people getting jealous of what this team kept achieving, the more I laughed at their insecurities. The more some people wanted this team to fail, the better we did,” he told TOI.

Shastri, who had played 80 Tests and 150 ODIs for India, also spoke about the moment when he decided to quit.

“Later, sometime before we left for England this year, I had made up my mind to move on. What precipitated it was a couple of reasons. First, I was pushing 60 and there were these Supreme Court rules and all.

“Second, I knew the quarantine and the bio-bubbles won’t go anywhere for another two years. Cricket will be played in isolation and that’s what we’re seeing right now too.”

“So, I said enough. For how long will this carry on,” Shastri said.