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Oppo’s Mystery Smartphone Gets 3C Certification

Oppo seems to have multiple smartphones in the making as we are coming across a new mystery handset by the company frequently. Recently, the Oppo CPH2005 was spotted online; and thanks to the leaks we have a fair idea on its hardware. Now, another mystery device by the company has got its certification online.

The device in question is the Oppo PDHM00 which has been certified in China via the 3C mobile authentication platform. The unnamed device is speculated to be the Reno Ace 2 which the rumors suggested to be under development recently.

The 3C listing suggests that the upcoming Oppo PDHM00 or the Reno Ace 2 will come with 65W fast charging capabilities. However, it doesn’t reveal the battery capacity. It is worth noting that the Reno Ace was the first smartphone by Oppo that shipped with a 65W fast charging support. So, the new handset featuring the same charging speed indicates a new Reno Ace model in the making.

Besides the fast charging support, the Oppo PDHM00’s 3C listing suggests support for the 5G network. But, there is no mention of the processor which will be driving the unit. But considering that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset which has a 5G modem and is powering the majority of 5G smartphones; it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the device launches with this chipset.

But, it will only be clear once we come across some more authentic details on its features. It is unknown if the device will see the light of the day anytime soon, keeping in mind the coronavirus epidemic at large. However, we will keep you posted with the details on the same.