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iPhone SE (2020): Everything You Need To Know

The long-rumored affordable iPhone is inching towards its official launch. Some fresh reports suggest that Apple can unveil the new low-cost iPhone in a few hours from now. The new affordable iPhone model is likely to be named iPhone SE (2020) and might go up for pre-orders on Apple’s official website today.

The iPhone SE (2020) or iPhone 9 might be unveiled at a starting price of $399 for the 64GB ROM storage variant. Let’s Here’s everything you need to know about the new low-cost iPhone SE (2020).

The long-rumored affordable iPhone SE (2020) is rumoured to be an upgraded version of the iPhone 8. This means that the iPhone SE 2020 is reportedly going to look more like an iPhone 8 than the original iPhone SE. I am slightly disappointed as the first-gen. iPhone SE, which was based on the iPhone 5 design blueprint, was simply the best looking iPhone ever.

This is, of course, personal opinion but an iPhone in 2020 with sharper aluminium edges, sleek profile and beautifully crafted metal buttons will look gorgeous.

The iPhone SE (2020)  will most likely come equipped with the traditional Touch ID sensor. As far as color variants are concerned, a report by 9to5mac suggests that the 2020 iPhone SE will be unveiled in three color variants- White, Black and Red color.

If the new iPhone SE is based on the iPhone 8’s design blueprint, then we are possibly looking at a 4.7-inch display. Some reports suggest that the new low-cost iPhone will feature a 4.7-inch LG-made LCD. This iPhone will have a more conventional design with big and thick bezels on all four sides. Will Apple pull out any new tricks because a 4.7-inch HD display with thick bezels is not an ideal screen in the year 2020 to consume multimedia content on apps like Netflix and Prime Videos. We can only wait to see what Apple has in store for media-hungry smartphone users.

The low-cost iPhone SE (2020) is likely to sport a single-lens rear camera, possibly the same camera that was offered with the iPhone 8. A dated single-lens camera in the days when budget Android smartphones flaunt triple and even quad-lens rear camera setups sounds disappointing. However, we have seen Apple and Google producing some amazing camera results with just one lens by applying computational photography techniques. We can only hope the new iPhone SE to follow their footprints to deliver some acceptable results.

The new iPhone SE is expected to be powered by the Apple’s most advanced chipset- the A13 Bionic, the same chipset that supplies power to the company’s current flagship smartphones- iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Plus. The 64-bit ARM-based system on a chip is based on 7nm and has a maximum CPU clock rate of 2.65GHz. Apple will likely launch the new iPhone SE in three storage variants- 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. The new iPhone SE is likely to work on 3GB RAM. As far as the battery capacity is concerned, it is likely to correspond with the iPhone 8’s battery cell, i.e. 1,821 mAh. A battery cell of capacity less than 2,000 mAh seems like a joke in 2020, but as per some rumours, the affordable new iPhone will come sans the 3D Touch, which can drastically improve the battery life. Would you like to buy an iPhone in 2020 with such a low power battery cell? Let us know in comments.

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