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Samsung Galaxy S21 Could Feature The Worlds’ First Under-Screen Selfie Camera

Samsung might finally take the quest of ‘full-screen’ smartphone to the next level by introducing the world’s first commercial handset with an under-the-screen selfie camera. The company is possibly evaluating the technicalities of how to put critical camera components under the screen. Samsung could integrate the sensor directly into the display to deliver a seamless user experience.

The news was shared by noted tipster Ice Universe via a tweet, which mentioned, “Samsung is considering using the under-screen camera technology on the Samsung Galaxy S21 first, and is evaluating the feasibility of the technology.” While it’s mere speculation, it makes all the more sense when you consider that the technology giant has all the resources and expertise to make it possible. If Samsung manages to achieve the feat, the next-gen. Galaxy flagship smartphone- the Galaxy S21, or the Galaxy S30, might feature the first working under-the-screen selfie camera. The current Galaxy flagship smartphones feature almost full-screen displays with minuscule punch-hole cameras.

For instance, the Galaxy S20 Ultra flaunting a 6.9-inch bezel-less display is a sheer delight. Notably, Oppo demonstrated the first working solution for the full-screen display smartphone by placing the selfie camera under the display. The prototype model was showcased to the public in MWC 2019. Oppo used a custom transparent material in conjunction with a redesigned pixel structure to let light pass through the surface to the camera sensor placed beneath. We don’t know yet how Samsung is taking things forward but we will be keeping a close eye on the new developments. Meanwhile, Oppo and Vivo must also be working to introduce the first commercial under-the-screen camera smartphone.

The past few years have been about smartphone manufacturers experimenting with solutions to deliver a full-screen user-experience. Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi and OnePlus introduced handsets with bleeding-edge selfie camera technologies such as Pop-up selfie cameras, shark fin camera modules, etc. to achieve unbelievable screen-to-body ratios on handsets.   It will not come as a surprise if any of these Chinese smartphone manufacturers introduce the first working model of under-the-screen camera smartphone. Who do you think will lead this technology front? Let us know in comments.

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