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These Free Tools Help Check SSD Condition

As we all know that processor and RAM are the most important hardware components that we can find in a computer. But we can’t deny the fact that even hard drives are an important part. Be it an i5 or i7 processor, your system might boot slower if you use an outdated hard drive.

For that people tend to shift to SSDs lately to change their computer experience to a lot better one. It will also make your computer a lot faster. Built in utility is provided to check if the SSD is working just fine. But for that you need to use third party software. The following are the Best Free Tools for this: The PC benchmark tools that are available will help you in knowing your hardware to see if they are performing well and to understand whether the SSD needs a replacement or is perfectly fine or not.


It is a very popular lightweight Benchmarking tool for your PC which is compatible with the operating system of your PC. The stress test can be performed on the Hard drives, SSD drives, RAM disks and others. The test size can be in between 50 MB and 4 GB. The write speed and current read can also be easily compared with the regular one.

AS SSD Benchmark

It is also somewhat similar to that of the CrystalDiskMark. The difference is that it’s main focus is on the SSD drives and benchmarking them. The write performance and the random read can also be tested properly and it helps in reading and writing the performance. With the help of the USB drive you can run it on other computers.

Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox

When you search for SSD benchmarking tool, it will help you to check if the SSD is fine or not. For that this is the perfect choice. You can get to know about the estimated drive time, drive health, model number and other attributes too. It also helps in firmware updates and in optimising the SSD drive.

Anvil’s Storage Utilities

It is quite advanced when you compare it with the others that are mentioned above. Besides write test and complete read, the Input/Output operations and response time and the speed are also shown. When you get the screenshot result, you can even take a screenshot of it and with the help of the screenshot button. It is a great benchmark tool on the SSD market.

SSD life

The Solid State Drives is highly influenced with the help of this tool. It is beneficial for the operating system of windows and helps in measuring the health and speed of the SSD. It is also found in firmware version, and helps in calculating the current health and lifespan. These are the most important benchmarking tools with the help of which you can check the monitor performance and the health of the SSD.