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Lunar Eclipse 2021: Chandra Grahan will look like this after 580 years, watch Live Streaming here

New Delhi. Chandra Grahan 2021 Live Streaming: Tomorrow i.e. on November 19, the last lunar eclipse of the year is going to happen. This lunar eclipse is taking place on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month, which is also known as Kartik Purnima. The most important thing is that Kartik month is ending on this day. Such a lunar eclipse is going to happen after 580 years. It is believed to be the biggest lunar eclipse of the century. This lunar eclipse will be the longest partial lunar eclipse of the last 580 years. 

biggest lunar eclipse of the century

The lunar eclipse on 19 November 2021 is believed to be the biggest lunar eclipse of the century. The beginning of the eclipse will start from 11.34 am according to Indian time. It will end at 5:33 pm in the evening. The total duration of the eclipse period will be 5 hours 59 minutes. The duration of the eclipse will be around 3 and a half hours. This lunar eclipse in India will last from 12:48 pm to 04:17 minutes.

Lunar Eclipse 2021 Live Streaming

If you want to watch the lunar eclipse live, then many YouTube channels will broadcast it live. You will be able to easily watch the lunar eclipse by going live on livescience.com and timeanddate.com.