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Twitter Tips Comes to Android: Here’s how you can earn money from Twitter

Twitter has finally rolled the ‘Tips’ feature for Android users after it was initially available for a limited user base on iOS only. Twitter Tips is now available for all users and with this you can accept payments, even in the form of cryptocurrencies. The ‘Tips’ icon is placed right beside the Follow button on the Twitter profile page.

Twitter users can use the Tips feature to link their payment profiles. Supported payment platforms include: Bandcamp, Cash App, Chipper, Patreon, Razorpay , Wealthsimple Cash and Venmo. Twitter will not take any commission from the tips you have earned.

Users can also tip with Bitcoin using Strike. Strike offers instant and free payments globally and is available to people in El Salvador and the U.S. (excluding Hawaii and New York). Any Bitcoin Lightning wallet can be used to send tips to someone’s Strike account.

1. Go to your Twitter profile

2. Tap on ‘Edit profile’

3. Scroll down Tips and tap on it. Accept the ‘General Tipping policy’ to turn it on.

4. Toggle Allow tips to on and then choose the third-party service(s) you’d like to use. 5. Add your third-party service username. You will need to have at least one username entered for the Tips icon to appear on your Twitter profile.

To tip someone on Twitter, ensure that the profile has the Tips icon activated. Tap on the Tips icon and then you will be redirected to the app or website of the third-party payment service that you have selected. You can then accordingly select the amount accordingly and tip.

According to Twitter, “When you send Bitcoin through Strike, you’ll be able to switch between seeing the currency in Satoshi (Sats) or BTC. Also, you’ll also be able to copy someone’s Bitcoin address and paste their address into whatever Bitcoin wallet you use.”