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iOS 18 Unveiled For iPhone Users

iOS 18 has arrived, with advanced AI features available to a limited group of users, while the broader update will roll out to various iPhone models later this year. The latest iOS version primarily concentrates on fundamental functionalities and introduces features that Android has had for quite some time. Notably, iPhones will finally support RCS messaging, a feature that Google has long urged Apple to adopt.

In addition, Apple is expanding its Satellite technology support to other features, and Siri is undergoing a significant overhaul. Here’s a rundown of the new features coming with the iOS 18 update for iPhones in 2024:

Key iOS 18 Features Coming in 2024:

  • Enhanced Apple Photos Update
  • Messages through Apple’s Satellite Technology for compatible iPhones
  • Mail Categorization based on content like shopping, transactions, and promotions
  • Emoji Tap Backs, akin to the long-press to react feature on WhatsApp
  • Customizable Control Center to add tools regularly used by iPhone users
  • Home Screen Customizations, including the ability to move apps to the bottom of the screen to preserve wallpaper aesthetics and larger icons on the main screen
  • Scheduled Text Messages (Send Later) feature in the Messages app
  • Game Mode for enhancing gaming performance on iPhones
  • Locked or Hidden Apps feature to secure content when sharing the iPhone, accessible via Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode

The developer beta for iOS 18 will be released on June 10, with the public beta following in July. The full release is anticipated to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 16 later this year.