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YouTube unveils new premium features, expands paid plans

YouTube has announced new features for its premium members, including AI enhancements. The platform also revealed that it will soon offer new Premium plans in addition to the existing ones and is exploring ways for subscribers to share it perks with friends.

Although the company didn’t provide details about the upcoming Premium plans, it did share information about new features coming for paid tier users. Here’s what we know:

YouTube Premium Features- 

Jump Ahead-

It is introducing a new feature called “Jump Ahead,” which lets users skip to the best parts of a video. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and viewership data, this feature identifies the most popular sections of the video. When users double-tap the video player to skip ahead, they will see the Jump Ahead button that takes them directly to the selected section.

The feature is currently rolling out to YouTube on Android for users in the US and will become available for iOS users in the region in the coming weeks. While the company hasn’t confirmed when it will reach other regions, it is expected to expand to more markets, including India, in the coming months.

Picture-in-Picture for Shorts-

YouTube is adding a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode for YouTube Shorts, allowing users to watch Shorts in a floating, minimized window while they browse other apps. Currently, this feature is available only for YouTube users on the Android app.

Experimental AI Features-

YouTube is giving premium subscribers early access to new experimental features on the platform. Subscribers can choose to opt in or out of these features at any time.

One of the experimental features available now is the conversational YouTube AI, which is accessible on the YouTube Android app for users in the US. This AI assistant can answer questions about the video, suggest related content, and more while the video plays. Premium subscribers in the US can use the AI chatbot by clicking on the “Ask” button beneath selected videos.