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Space Travel Cheaper Than Jio Recharge: Exclusive for Indians

The Space Exploration and Research Agency (SERA) has included India in its space mission, allowing Indian citizens to travel into space. This mission will be carried out using the New Shepard rocket by the pioneering entrepreneur Jeff Bezos’ company, Blue Origin. SERA is collaborating with Blue Origin to provide an opportunity to countries lacking extensive resources for space travel. Through this mission, India will assert its presence and strengthen its capabilities in space exploration.

For this mission, the New Shepard rocket from Blue Origin will be utilized, which can be reused for multiple missions. This rocket will carry people beyond the boundary of space, offering them a view worthy of witnessing Earth from afar.

Joshua Skurla and Sam Hutchison, founders of SERA, have expressed considerable enthusiasm about including India in this mission. They believe that India’s interest in and experience with space exploration will significantly contribute to the success of this mission. Skurla stated, ‘We are delighted to collaborate with India because India has substantial expertise in the field of space. India can serve as an example for other countries and demonstrate its strength. Therefore, our interest has remained strong.’

Anyone in India can apply to join this mission by paying just 2.5 dollars, approximately 209 rupees. Interestingly, this cost is even lower than some mobile recharge plans recently hiked by Jio. Following this, six individuals will be selected through voting to participate in this mission. The voting will be conducted in three phases, with some individuals being eliminated after each phase. Ultimately, six individuals will be chosen. Voting for the five seats will be based on country and region, while global voting will determine the sixth seat.

SERA’s Global Mission

SERA aims to facilitate access to space for people from over 150 countries, especially those who have limited opportunities to journey into space. Skurla states, ‘Our mission is to make space accessible to everyone. We want every person in the world to play a role in exploring space.’

To participate in this mission, individuals will need to meet certain physical standards set by Blue Origin. Those selected will receive three days of training at the Blue Origin launch site.

Hachison emphasizes that by giving people the opportunity to choose their heroes, we ensure that this mission is for everyone. This approach will ignite enthusiasm about space among people and bring countries around the world together. New Shepard’s flight doesn’t have stringent physical requirements, allowing more people to participate in it.