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5 Android Apps Help You Keep Up Your New Year Resolutions

During the New Year, we all have our new year resolutions. Be it anything, from staying fit to eating healthy, we do a lot but to maintain and follow them, we need a lot of determination. Tracking these goals is a really difficult task so there are various android apps that would help us to keep the promise to ourselves to maintain these goals.


To have a fresh mind and to stay fit, running is the most effective way. This is a popular running app which will help you to achieve your fitness goal. You can even get the coaching plans that will help you to progress and stay stuck to your proper schedule. There is also an inbuilt music player along with it. You can listen to your favorite playlist while running. The professional athletes who are associated with Nike will even give you a shout out for your efforts. The daily runs can also be shared on social media by you.

2. Calorie Counter

MyFitness Pal This app will keep a count on the number of calories that you take. Both weight gain and weight loss plans can be set with it and they even show you how to maintain it. There is a barcode scanner too which is built-in. It will help you to simply scan the food and know how much calorie is in there. You can choose from its large food database and monitor your food and water intake daily. It has fitness bands and health apps too. It is beneficial for a healthier lifestyle as it even helps you to see the menu items even from the restaurants.

3. Habit Tracker

It is a helpful app so that you can dust away from your bad habits. This android app will help you to track your habits. The habit that you have can be given as a specific number or as a Yes or a No. It can be done through a process bar as it helps to monitor your daily habits too. They display each habit and shows you the reminder too about each habit of yours. It provides you with statistics and graphs too. 5 habits can be tracked for free and even provides you with inspirational quotes too. If you do in-app purchases, you can even unlock more features.

4. Todoist

This app helps you to remember things and manage your tasks and provide you with a to-do list so that you can take notes and make lists. It has a calendar that will help you to remember the things that you have planned to do in the upcoming week and helps you to keep a tab about it.

5. Expense Manager

It is the best app to manage your finances and is a really good budget management app. With the help of it, you can set one time budget along with daily, monthly, weekly and even yearly budgets. You can automatically save them and keep your expenditure under control. It even helps you to achieve your budget goals.