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Apple Is Finally Giving The Feature Promised To iPhone 11 Users; Tests Option To Disable UWB

Apple had promised a couple of features for the iPhone 11 users. Now, the company has begun testing the option to disable the ultra wideband (UWB) location toggle feature. It was earlier discovered that iPhone Pro constantly checks the location, even if disabled. Now, Apple has begun testing the feature to allow users to toggle location.

A couple of months earlier, Brian Krebs, a security researcher had discovered that iPhone 11 Pro constantly checks the location of the device, even if the Location Services is disabled. The iPhone maker had explained that new series of iPhone, including the non-pro iPhone 11 uses ultra wideband chip, which isn’t approved universally. Such devices needed to regularly check the location to switch off the chip where it can’t be legally used. However, security analysts and users feared that Apple was collecting data while keeping the location switched on at all times. On the other hand, Apple stressed that it wasn’t collecting location data and the UWB checks happen on the device only.

At that time, Apple had noted that its devices use the UWB chip for highly precise location finding. The benefit is that Apple users can quickly find the right person to send content with AirDrop in an environment filled with iPhone users.

Apple had promised to roll out a dedicated toggle for the chip to assure the iPhone users. The feature is now in testing and has been spotted by a couple of creators in the latest iOS 13.3.1 beta. Reportedly, the new location toggle is marked as ‘Networking & Wireless’.   Users can find the button in Settings > Privacy Settings > Location Services > System Services. Here iPhone users can find the ‘Networking & Wireless’ option and triggering it off prompts a message that shows: “Turning off location for Networking & Wireless may affect Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ultra Wideband performance”.