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List Of Nokia Smartphones Supporting Wi-Fi Calling

Airtel and Reliance Jio rolled out the VoWiFi, which is the Wi-Fi calling feature to the users across India last month. But not all users were able to access the same and only 150 devices supported the Wi-Fi calling feature. Talking about devices that do not support this feature, the Nokia smartphones were among them.

Wi-Fi calling is becoming the trend and Airtel and Reliance Jio rolled out the Wi-Fi calling feature to subscribers in select circles. Basically, this is free to use and can be helpful in saving the mobile data and making clearer calls without call drops even when there is poor connectivity.

Now, there is good news for Nokia smartphone users as Airtel Jio Wi-Fi calling support has been rolled out to a slew of Nokia smartphones after testing the same for so long. Check out more details regarding how to enable the VoWi-Fi on Nokia phones from here. You can check here for the complete list of smartphones supporting Wi-Fi calling.

Eventually, Jio subscribers using Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 8.1, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 6.2, Nokia 7.1, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6.1, and Nokia 6.1 Plus will be able to enjoy the Wi-Fi calling feature. So, Jio users can enjoy Wi-Fi calling when there is not much cellular reception at any given time. Talking about Airtel Wi-Fi calling support, Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia 8.1, Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 7.1, Nokia 6.1, and Nokia 6.1 Plus have received the VoWiFi support. Basically, the VoWiFi calling will be enabled by default but can also enable it via the settings and use enjoy the feature.