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Volvo Cars Recalled In India: Part Of A Global Recall Affecting Over 7.5 Lakh Units

Volvo Cars India has issued a statement recalling a number of models from the Indian market. According to the statement, a total of 1891 units of various Volvo models have been issued a recall over a possible software malfunction.

Volvo states that the software controlling the autonomous emergency braking system (AEB) is malfunctioning. This issue is being faced under certain temperature conditions on a number of offerings in Volvo’s lineup. All MY2019 and MY2020 (MY = Model Year) are part of the recall.

The recall by Volvo is part of a bigger global issue, which has affected over 7.5 lakh of its cars worldwide. According to the recall, models including the XC40, XC60, XC90, V90 Cross Country and S90 have been affected.

Volvo has stated that customers of the above-mentioned models will be contacted personally. The faulty software issue will be repaired free of cost to the customer, however, it may take some time. This is obviously because of the growing COVID-19 pandemic affecting not only India but the entire world.

Talking about the faulty system itself, the AEB or Autonomous Emergency Braking System on Volvo cars consists of a sensor positioned on the IRVM. The sensor detects the objects in front and can differentiate between pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles. Once it detects an object ahead of the car, the sensors apply brakes immediately, independent of the driver.

A fault in this system means that the independent application of brakes by the sensors will not take place. Although, the sensor will put out an indication on the instrument cluster, notifying the driver. This system will not affect the brakes on the car in any way.