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Coronavirus Outbreak: Maruti Suzuki Partner With AgVa Healthcare To Produce Ventilators

Maruti Suzuki has announced its support for the government of India by committing to start production of ventilators. The company announced that they have partnered with AgVa Healthcare to rapidly scale up production of ventilators.

Under the request of the Government of India, Maruti Suzuki recently assessed its ability to produce ventilators and other medical equipment. As part of the agreement with AgVa Healthcare, the company aims to manufacture around 10,000 units per month.

As per the arrangement between Maruti Suzuki and AgVa Healthcare, the company will produce the required volume of components using its supplier network. AgVa Healthcare, on the other hand, will be responsible for the technology and performance of all the ventilators produced and sold.

The company is also looking into obtaining all the necessary approvals and permissions. This will allow Maruti Suzuki to quickly scale up the production as they plan to give away the ventilators and the services provided free of cost to AgVa Healthcare. The company will soon start upgrading its production and quality control systems, which will allow them to meet the higher volumes.

Apart from Ventilators, Krishna Maruti Limited would be manufacturing masks, which will be supplied to both the central and Haryana government. The company’s Chairman and MD, Ashok Kapur will as a personal contribution be providing a total of 2 million masks free of cost. Another joint venture of MSIL, Bharat Seats Limited has also committed to manufacturing protective clothing.

All the equipment being manufactured by MSIL and its joint ventures will first be sent for approval. Once all the permissions and approvals are received, the company will immediately begin scaling up the production. Maruti Suzuki has stated that they have ensured maximum care and protection of the health and safety of its workers, during this process.