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Bran Stark’s Direwolf In ‘Game of Thrones’ Dies Of Cancer At Age 10

Odin, who played Bran Stark’s direwolf puppy Summer on “Game of Thrones” in its 2011 series premiere, passed away after a four-mother battle with cancer.

The 10-year-old Northern Inuit dog was diagnosed with mouth cancer in November and his family paid tribute to their pet on Facebook.

“We can all take great comfort in knowing that he is forever immortalized in the great TV Show Game of Thrones as Summer Bran Stark’s Direwolf Pup in Season 1 episode 1. Odin was a family member first and we got him when he was a pup at seven weeks old.

“Odin’s passing marks the end of a decade and the end of an era as he taught our friends and family a lot of lessons about life, for one dog he has more stories to tell than some people would,” Odin’s owner William Mulhall, runs Direwolf Tours in Northern Ireland, said in the post.

Mulhull thanked everyone for their support.

“We are incredibly grateful for the donations made towards Odin treatment and we will use what is needed to pay his vet bill and we will donate the rest between our favourite dog charities the donations will help further dogs in need at this tough time,” he added.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Odin is survived by his brother Thor, who played Robb Stark’s direwolf Grey Wind as a puppy.