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Honda India Foundation Pledges Rs 11 Crore To Fight Covid-19 Pandemic

The Honda India Foundation which is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of all Honda group companies in India, has pledged Rs. 11 crore in aid for relief, detection and prevention work that is currently going on in the country because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Honda will also supply 2,000 units of Honda engine powered High Pressure Backpack Sprayers to multiple Government agencies on an immediate basis. The light-weight and powerful sprayers will be used for fumigation at hospitals, public transport, railway stations, public canteens and other public areas. Honda’s initiative comes after consultation with Government, and is part of a collaborative effort being muscled by the Auto Industry to support the country’s fight against Covid-19.

Disinfecting public places is a critical part of preventing & controlling the spread of the virus. In addition, Honda will support local administration efforts at all its manufacturing locations. The company will make available its ambulances stationed at all its facilities for medical emergencies, and to support the poor and the underprivileged with food and survival packets.

The Honda India Foundation will also contribute financial aid to Central & State governments’ relief funds across Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Rajasthan – states where Honda has manufacturing facilities. In addition, associates across all five Honda group companies in India have voluntarily pledged to donate one day’s salary towards the total relief fund. Mr. Minoru Kato, the Chairman of the Honda India Foundation said, “COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented situation and calls for mass-collaboration at all levels of society.

Corporates and individuals need to come forward and contribute towards India’s fight against the corona virus.” “Besides the monetary aid, we are immediately offering 2,000 units of Honda engine powered Backpack sprayers which would be a direct contribution to help in government’s fumigation drive at public places at this critical phase. We stand one with the Indian government in its spirited battle against the COVID-19 outbreak,” he added.

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