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Neha Dhupia Says The Lockdown Will Be A Story To Tell Her Daughter Mehr When She Grows Up

The Coronavirus lockdown is an unusual and intense experience for most of us because we have not been through anything like this. Actress Neha Dhupia, who is a proud mother to a baby girl, thinks the lockdown will be an amazing story to tell her daughter Mehr when she grows up.

Talking about how she and everyone at home have been taking the necessary precautions to avoid the virus, Neha told Hindustan Times, “We’re following all the rules at home. I was away on a shoot and ever since I came back, I’ve been in quarantine with my family even before the 21-day lockdown was announced. I made sure that very few people are in contact with our daughter.”

“We’re staying clean and hygienic. As parents, we always tend to panic. But Angad (Bedi; husband) has been amazing, too, and that’s a big help,” she said and added, “We’re keeping her dietary habits healthy and keeping her as active at home as she was when she would step out. I’m also trying to make sure that she sits in the balcony and gets enough sunshine.”

Bollywood celebrities are getting to spend some quality time with their family and children amidst the lockdown, and are trying out interesting ways to keep them engaged. Neha said that she has been teaching her painting and basic syllabus from her school. She added, “I’ve been teaching her to fold clothes and clean the wardrobe. I believe children are intuitive. Our daughter hasn’t been throwing any tantrums. I think this will be a story to tell her when she grows up.”