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Indian Army Builds System To Check Drunk Driving And Not Wearing Seat Belts

The Indian Army seems to have found a solution for drunk driving that is rampant across the country. Captain Onkar Kale and his team have developed an (IVSS) Integrated Vehicle Safety System for military trucks to put a stop to drunk driving completely.

Once deployed across the three wings of the Indian Army, trucks will not start if the driver has had alcohol, and will not start if the driver chooses not to wear his seat belt. Reports are that the IVSS has been built to reduce accidents in the armed forces. Last year saw the Uttarakhand Residential University and RI Instruments & Innovation India, manufacture a device that does not start if the driver has had any alcohol, and also makes driving difficult while speaking over a phone.

The team developed a prototype that uses graphene generated from waste products and wild grasses. Mr Joshi, a member of the development team said, “Graphene coated electrodes catalyse oxidation of ethyl alcohol into acetic acid, and any concentration of alcohol automatically disconnects the device.”

To get the vehicle started, the driver has to blow over a Graphene sensor. The sensor analyses and then estimates the blood-alcohol level of the driver. The Motor Vehicle Act states that the permissible (BAC) Blood Alcohol Content is 30mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. If the Graphene sensor finds a higher percentage, the system does not let the vehicle start.

The prototype also features an infrared sensor that can tell if the person blowing over the Graphene sensor is actually the driver. Once a different person is detected in the driver’s seat, the vehicle will not start. The prototype also features an alert system that alerts other passengers if the driver is tired and drowsy. Alerts are also delivered if the driver is talking over a phone while on the move.