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Shameful that Jafar, Darapuri arrested without evidence: Chidambaram

NEW DELHI: Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Sunday sàid it was “shameful” that Sadaf Jafar, SR Darapuri and Pavan Rao were arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Police for violence without any evidence against them.

He also said that it was a shocking admission by the police that there is no evidence of their involvement.

“Sadaf Jafar, S R Darapuri and Pavan Rao Ambedkar released on bail after police ADMITTED no evidence of their involvement in violence. Shocking admission,” he said on Twitter.

“If that were so, why did the police arrest them in the first place? And how did the Magistrate remand them to custody without looking at the evidence,” he asked.

“The law says ‘find evidence, then arrest’. The reality is ‘first arrest, then search for evidence’. Shameful,” Chidambaram tweeted.